About Us

Dreams do come true, but it takes a lot of work, a lot of faith and a lot of heart. The American Dream is about putting God first in everything you do! Blind Faith Foundation was founded by Tim Thomason in 2015 with the idea to help people in need.

Blind Faith Foundation got its start with the vision to bring hope to hurting people. One Christmas, Tim and several volunteers wanted to perform a random act of kindness. There was no resources at the time, just heart. They loaded up in a van and felt drawn to a run-down neighborhood and just knew they were supposed to help the people living there.

Through an act of God and faith, an anonymous donor wrote a check to fund Blind Faith’s very first event. The team showed up to the neighborhood a second time, this time with Santa, Mrs. Claus, Cocoa, food and gifts.
We all serve a big God. A God who has a plan, even when the resources and the means don’t appear to be there. All it takes is faith and sometimes a bit of grace to live out that plan.

It’s hard to keep faith when you’re at your lowest low or experiencing hardship due to health, natural disaster or life circumstances.

Tim Thomason

About Tim Thomason

Tim Thomason is the Foundation’s Board Chairman and Founder of Nature Blinds, LLC. Nature Blinds produces world class hunting blinds that are as unique as Tim himself. An avid sportsman, Tim tours the country speaking about his Faith and how giving back to communities has enriched his life and fulfilled his calling.

Tim has started this foundation to expand the reach of compassion for those in need that he himself cannot reach without your help. Nothing breaks his heart more than to see a need and know that he alone cannot address the pain and suffering he sees.

If you would like Tim to come speak to your group with his motivational and inspiring message please send him an email at [email protected]