If Not US, Then WHO Will Equip Our Children For Success?

At some point or another, we’ve all faced a “first day” at a new job… whether that first time babysitting alone, mowing your first lawn for money, setting foot into an office for your first internship, or just starting a new position in a company. Remember the apprehension? Seeing new faces, navigating unfamiliar surroundings, learning the rules, can unleash an anxiety powerful enough to stop even the most confident person in their tracks!

Yet, you still stride in – ready to embrace this new and exciting adventure, to show them how absolutely amazing you are! Then you discover the “tools” you need to do your job are missing. No computer, no desk, no passwords, no pens or paper, no telephone, no internet access… or, even for that budding entrepreneur of yesteryear, no lawnmower or no story books. Exactly HOW are you supposed to succeed in this job without the proper tools?!?

NOW… imagine you’re just a CHILD! And you’re showing up for your “first day” at your new “job” without the necessary equipment to do your job – LEARNING. You step into that school and classroom completely unarmed and defenseless, trying to compete for a better future and find some degree of success. Sadly, this is the case with more than 16 million kids, living in extreme poverty throughout the United States, who arrive on the first day of school without the supplies they need to learn.

Most frequently, these children can be found disproportionately in our rural communities… just like the ones surrounding us here is the Texas Hill Country! We saw this tangible need and the Word of God spurred us: “Be shepherds over the flock God has entrusted to you. Watch over it as God does: Don’t do this because you have to, but because you want to. Don’t do it out of greed, but out of a desire to serve.” (I Peter 5:2) That was enough for us, so the Blind Faith Foundation team decided to take ACTION!

Pooling our resources and mobilizing the community, we accepted the challenge to equip students in the Hunt and Ingram (Texas) school districts. With a tractor-trailer filled with all the tools these kids needed to face their own upcoming “first day,” we staged a Back-To-School Bash on Saturday, Aug. 18th from 9 AM until 2 PM at Ingram High School.

“And, the community responded…confirming the REAL need for this mission”

During this brief, five-hour, span we gave away more than 250 fully-stocked back packs to kids of all ages!

The Lord laid this need upon our hearts, and then FILLED our hearts with the joy we saw that day… children beaming and READY to face their “first day” fully-armed for success at their new job! Without this community outreach, countless young lives could be doomed to failure, BEFORE they even have a chance to begin.

As His servants, we take our mission SERIOUSLY to care for those in need – our friends, our neighbors, our community. And, we enlist more of God’s warriors, our reach will expand to include NEW friends, neighbors and communities. After all, it IS our DUTY: “The Lord protects defenseless people…” (Psalm 116:6) and we are thrilled to serve as His army in rural areas throughout our country! And, you can join these boots on the ground, by following us on social media or by donating to our ongoing “Random Acts of Kindness”… because, if WE don’t do it, WHO will?

SEPTEMBER UPDATE: As teachers and school administrators notify us of additional need, at this time we CONTINUE to donate more back packs and school supplies to Hunt and Ingram students.